Friday, January 22, 2010

Our friend Jack Brandt blessed us with a Mensa Crosswords book for the holiday and Bob and I have been sharing one puzzle each day--two heads are better than one. There are unfamiliar words on occasion but generally the definition, while legit, is phrased to deceive rather than illuminate. Bob Coldren comes by each afternoon to assist--three heads are better than two--and when all seems impossible we can usually count on "Mr. Google" . . . My Woolrich noir novel Rendezvous in Black is a gem; I'm two-thirds the way through. Highly recommended . . . Alarmed a few people yesterday by extolling JJ's expertise with the computer; didn't mean to imply that he had unlimited access to everything on the Internet with no supervision. He has his favorites; have learned that kids his age love repetition--they can enjoy the same activities over and over . . . Must I take another trip with Kipper to Candy Mountain? . . .

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