Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another quiet day. Where is everyone? . . . Ordered greeting cards (our shelves are almost empty) while Bob read another of his mysteries. Everyone seems to be filling his hours with a book these days . . . The rumor that our new mayor might consider a 100% increase in property taxes and 20% increases for water and trash have we old folks wondering if it isn't time to leave the burg. Such levies would be beyond our capabilities while on fixed incomes . . . And greetings to Peter Bower's friends in New Mexico. Former residents, I hear they check in here every so often to see what is happening. Wonder what taxes are like in Santa Fe? . . . The river is predicted to flood tonight or tomorrow so our thoughts are with our Shipoke friends. To see what is coming our way you can check the Sunbury Susquehanna River cam during daylight hours. The link is http://kenguide.camstreams.com/ . . .

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