Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post 201 . . . Thanks to Victoria Zellers for the nice sack of Wilbur Buds. Yummy . . . Thanks to Yvonne and Wes Brown for the before-the-freeze oranges from Florida. Haven't had one yet, but Bob says they are wonderful . . . Thanks to Ginger for the donuts; ditto to Sarah and JJ. Of course, JJ had to help me eat some . . . Computer acting crazy so I hope this post makes it into cyberspace. Don't know much about machinery . . . might also mention that the new dishwasher is doing its thing. The capacity is large enough to swallow every dish I own. Still getting used to the gurgles it makes . . . Mentioned some days ago that Ty Cowell has "gone professional" now that he has retired to Florida. This picture of Ty at work appeared (without description) on Facebook today . . . Have often mentioned my fascination with streaming cams. Always thought some smart restaurateurs on Second Street should latch onto this fad and show us what is happening in downtown Harrisburg . . . this pleasant street in a Glasgow suburb is listed among the top twenty-five cam sites worldwide. I check in frequently. Always something going on no matter what the time of day or night. Even has audio so you can listen to the traffic! How can you live without it? . . . http://nairb1.camstreams.com/ . . .

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