Thursday, July 26, 2012

You've asked where Bob and I celebrated our anniversary last night. After much consideration Bob decided we would simply stay home and he made me a beef roast, my favorite. And tonight, despite the heat, he is making me beef noodle soup, surely my second favorite . . . Think I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Hodge Podgery had reopened on North Third Street. I have now been told by Larry Binda at TheBurg that it has closed again . . . I am still haunted by the fact that we lost those three big shade trees on our block earlier this week. I have come to realize that my End of Days are oh so much nearer than I thought. Even if something were planted tomorrow I will not live to see it mature . . . Our CAN clan will hold its annual picnic in the MacNett yard on Saturday. Perhaps we should talk about establishing a tree planting committee . . .

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