Sunday, July 1, 2012

Still brutally hot but I have found a bit of relief: my latest murder mystery novel concerns a group of people snowbound in a country manor house . . . Bob and I spent a lovely afternoon in the home of Wes and Yvonne Brown . . . Bob treated me to my favorite: an Arby's original roast beef sandwich . . . Lee Spitalny aroused a bit of envy when she sent this e-mail outlining an evening excursion: Harrisburg Symphony had a marvelous program for some of its contributors yesterday. We boarded an Amtrak train at the Hbg. train station, trained to Elizabethtown, where we were given a lovely box supper, then bussed to the Masonic Home, where Stuart Malina and the entire symphony entertained us with a mixture of classical and "Fourth of July" American music. Residents of the Masonic Village were a good part of the audience of 1700 people  We were then bussed back to the train station, given Hershey Bars, and arrived back in Hbg. a little after 10pm. A truly old fashioned kind of evening..........and it was wonderful!!

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