Monday, July 30, 2012

We all know what BYOB means, don't we? Don't be too sure. While paging through the Upper Dauphin Sentinel this week I ran across a BYOB ad from The Squirrel Farm, which, I assume, is a dairy store in Millersburg. Anyway, if you Bring Your Own Banana they will give you fifty cents off your banana split !!! . . . Something totally unAmerican is afoot in Midtown. A few people are advocating additional property taxes ($60) to hire some off-duty policemen to patrol the streets Maclay to Forster, Front to Sixth for a few late evening hours;  hopefully this will discourage the multitude of muggings which have been taking place there. How two officers at the corner of Sixth and Maclay will prevent muggers at Boas and Front is beyond me. Someone is not thinking logically. And if the neighborhood hires its own officers will Harrisburg police still respond to calls there? But here is the scam part: one must cast a negative vote to defeat this proposal rather than a positive one to approve it. In essence it is already passed and your money is in their pocket!!! If this is such a good idea I think Third Street businesses should pay the tab and not home owners on fixed incomes . . . We have signed up for additional e-mails on this action but have not yet received any from anyone . . .

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