Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Relief from the heat wave arrived unexpectedly and violently at rush hour this afternoon. Rain flushed the gutters and a strong wind did its damage--the dead tree on the property next door lost yet another limb and our "OPEN" part of our sign was blown away; hopefully someone will see it, recognize it, and return it . . . as far as we can tell at this writing the fallen limb didn't do any damage. However, I have learned that a couple of healthy trees on the street are to be removed. What a loss, especially since three others along Green have been removed in the past year or two . . . Our neighbor lost his recycling bin during trash pick up this week. We doubt that it was stolen. It was so dilapidated that the hauler probably took one look at it and decided it too was ready for recycling . . . I have a doctor's appointment late tomorrow morning so we probably won't open much before noon. Let's hope I get some relief from the sciatic problem . . . We are always pleased (and perhaps a little vain) to tell you about our TripAdvisor visitors. But I don't believe we have ever mentioned that there is something of a downside to this notoriety. We are not only discovered by tourists but also by itinerant salesmen looking to unload their goods. They figure that if this is such a popular place we surely will welcome whatever it is that they are offering. I hereby give them notice that we have never made any purchases from any of these "just passing through" hucksters . . .

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