Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hot again. Bob allowed me to take the afternoon off but he wouldn't join me; he was determined to make a couple of sales. Unfortunately he didn't see a soul. Tomorrow could be a repeat of today weather wise. But please, folks, let's pick up a card or two at least . . . Spent some time trying to find my way through PennLive's new Internet format. I am sure I will get it eventually but right now it seems a bit cluttered when compared with the previous layout . . . Remember part of Front Street, Woodbine to Forster, will be closed tomorrow night for the Harrisburg Mile . . . I have spent the last couple of months complaining about the removal of trees in our neighborhood and now I have to announce that we are hoping to remove and replace the greenery in front of the store; The Bare Wall is practically hidden by the evergreens as it stands and we aren't very visible to cars travelling south on Green . . . Ordered some new glass jewelry from Fred Imhoff in Oregon this afternoon. He is a bit backed up with orders just now so don't rush in. You will now be able to buy the necklaces independent of the earrings . . . I am irritated by: Penn State news, Paterno's statue, political ads, my own health complaints, and almost everything else these days . . .

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