Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy to report that the OPEN part of our sign that was blown off during last night's storm lodged itself in the bush directly below; our neighbor spotted it and it is now back in service . . . A new doctor and a new round of pills for my painful buttock and leg. Perhaps not overly serious, but the x-rays did show the beginnings of arthritis in the hip. It is not believed that that is contributing to my current discomfort, however. She (the physician) was very optimistic for this go-round . . . My respect for my neighbor, retired pediatrician Dr. Bob Coldren, just grows and grows. I have been "doctorin'" for nearly two years now and  his name has come into various conversations every now and then. At least three of my doctors and a couple of my nurses recognize his name because they have placed their own children in his care . . . Jaime MacLeod sent me this picture from Bob Deibler's garden. It is a surprise lily and the bloom lasts for just one day . . .

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