Thursday, January 19, 2012

Received an early morning call from Lucille who reported that she was shipping her new scarves earlier than expected. She had misplaced our phone number and so Googled us; that led her to TripAdvisor (her son used to work there) and she was very pleased to be represented at The Bare Wall because of all the favorable reviews that the store had generated on that site. The price for these fashion accessories is still $36 . . . Several people stopped by to wish Bob a Happy Birthday. He will be celebrating the event tomorrow. A celebratory dinner with out of town friends planned for Saturday might be buried by snow if initial forecasts are correct . . . Strange how Mother Nature taunts us with unusual signs. Mark Stevens has been circulating this photo (not his) on his Facebook page today. Can you spot the face? Makes me recall all those times we kids would study the clouds for cats, dogs, ships, angels and the like . . .

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