Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy that several of my sale-priced items left the store today. There are still bargains to be had, so do come by when you can . . . Warm but rainy all day. Colder weather again promised. Frankly, Bob and I do not miss the lack of snow at all . . . Placed a small order for some new Bill Campbell pots. Also need to contact Lucille for more scarves. From our "Would You Believe" file: we did not sell a single silk scarf during the holiday season, but in the week between Christmas and New Years we sold six. Surely some wife or girlfriend will get one for Valentine's Day . . . Steve Day's unique pottery using leaves as decoration are all but sold out as well. Need to get in touch with him . . . Guess I better get this inventory finished up so I can get on to other things . . .

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