Friday, January 6, 2012

Mike Billo snapped this picture at Walnut and Boas Streets on his way to work this morning and posted it on his Facebook page. Hope he does not mind my borrowing it for the blog. As far as he could tell there were no serious injuries . . . Bryan MacLeod and I each e-mailed the Public Works Department today about the dead street light at Green and Oliver. We both were promised that a crew would take a look at it next week. Bryan was also concerned about an outage on North Street . . . Bryan and Jaime's daughter, Annalise, came for a short visit this afternoon to bring us a thank you card for her Christmas gifts. Her message was decorated with hand prints done in green finger paints. Mom must have had a great time cleaning her up after her artistic endeavor. But, after all, dad does teach high school art classes . . . Mark Stevens back from a quick trip to the family in Texas . . .

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