Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another NO SALE day; what is going on here? . . . Am looking forward to seeing Lelia Simmons in her Girl Scout vest; her appearance in uniform means that she has come for my cookie order and I am prepared to "buy big" this year. I guess the girls are somewhat in competition with each other when it comes to sales so be advised that each girl is to wear her badges proudly when soliciting your purchases. If she is not in uniform she is not playing by the rules--not very "scouting" of her, in other words . . . We have been playing our Leroy Anderson compositions album in the store these past several days. You may know him for Sleigh Ride, Syncopated Clock and Blue Tango though almost all his melodies are familiar in some form. He was most creative in a composition called The Typewriter with clattering keys and an end-of-the-line ring of the bell. But just think--today's young people won't get it; they probably won't even know what a typewriter is/was . . . I told you some days ago that we would be discontinuing our adult cards with nudity if the price jumped as much as the manufacturer was promising at the time. Well, the new catalog was released today and I assume that saner minds prevailed. The price hikes are not that steep so we might continue to keep a small supply on hand . . .

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