Thursday, August 16, 2012

This is a landmark day that should be noted in the annals of the Historic Harrisburg Association; JACQUIE KIRBY HENSEL has retired from the real estate business . . . back in the early seventies our efforts to gentrify the Midtown area under a historic district banner were met with widespread skepticism; Jacquie was our one steadfast friend who worked hard to attract new people into the neighborhood and to encourage the rehabilitation of our old housing stock. Other realtors shied away and so Jacquie's signs were everywhere. I assume it was worth her while, but that is not the point; without her promotion of the area we may not have gotten HHA off the ground as swiftly as we did. We joked at the time that Jacquie had been in every bedroom in Harrisburg, and she took that as a compliment good naturedly . . . So today we offer our congratulations. Jacquie says she is looking forward to being a volunteer for several organizations, perhaps, even, The Bare Wall. We are apt to take her up on that . . .

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