Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The new medicine I got on Friday was not as effective as we had hoped and I spent a restless weekend with little sleep. Early Monday morning I called the doctor's office to see if I could take it every eight hours rather than every twelve; the nurse said she would get back to me and that they had not yet reviewed the x-rays . . . I decided to bathe and dress. Unfortunate that was when I found the lump that should not have been there. I called the office again and they said get to the emergency ward PRONTO. Bob grabbed the car keys and we raced to the car. The motor made its grinding noise; yes, the battery was dead! Bob rushed up the street to Pastor Ed Zook who quickly got me to the hospital . . . I signed in, happy to note on the call board that there was only a 15 minute wait. False hope. The sign changed to one hour, thirty minutes and later to two hours, thirty minutes. I am there before ten and it is now after twelve. Worse, I am dressed in shorts and freezing in the air conditioning. Finally, I asked the nurse for a blanket (granted) and started a stampede. Everyone in the place wants a blanket! . . . Meanwhile I remember that our friend Ned Hoffer works there so I manage to get in touch with him; his task, kindly undertaken, is to find Bob and let him know where I am and what is happening . . . Bob, of course, is on the hunt for AAA and then a battery to fit our Saturn. That is another funny and prolonged tale altogether . . . Thanks to Ned, Bob and I are reunited about one o'clock, I finally get a room about two, and not having had a single thing to eat, send Bob out to find a pack of cheese crackers . . . We see the doc about four and he quickly contacts the team at Urology of Central Pa. It is determined that while the condition is cause for concern, it is not a true emergency; all in good time. So it took seven hours for a ten-minute consultation . . . The store had been closed all day and not a lick of work got done . . . 8:15 p.m. BULLETIN: who is the naked man streaking the sidewalks and gardens in the 1600 block of Green? The police will find out since he left his clothes and cell phone behind . . .

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