Friday, August 3, 2012

It appears that there are plans afoot to convert the Barto Building on the southern corner of State and Third into condo units with parking in the South Street garage. While I would like to see the structure being used again, I would prefer it to be a hotel as originally projected. More rooms would enhance the city's chances of attracting more convention business. Harrisburg was known as Convention City when I first came here in 1962. The Penn-Harris, Harrisburgher, Governor and Senate were the major hotels . . . Larry Kirkhuff back safely from a San Francisco trip . . . Things are heating up again so we could be closing an hour or two early if temps are in the nineties . . . Was pleased that a nurse from Mr. Jones' office called to see if the shot I got yesterday had provided any pain relief. Don't usually get that kind of personal attention. Happily I could say that I was 80% better and still improving . . . Received two more big shipments of merchandise this afternoon. Things are looking good . . .

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