Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lots of foot traffic today in the neighbor-hood attracted by a car show on State Street and one of the Art Asso-ciation's soirees at the home of Kevin Sheets and Kevin Hancock . . . Another tree came down in the neighborhood today but I guess it was not a major environmental loss since it was an ash and already dead . . . Have another scan at the hospital on Tuesday just as we are expecting two major shipments . . . Friends of Midtown have been thanking the William Penn Social Association on North Third  Street for its financial contributions toward repairing street lights in the area. The club has given over $1500 . . . I have been remiss in not thanking Janet Foreman for her encouragement and advice while dealing with medical issues. Her concern is most appreciated . . . This cute chubby ceramic owl stands about eight inches high and is $26.00 . . .

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