Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Catching up with birthday wishes for this week, most belated--Diane Neiper and Robert Murray, Monday; Rick May, Tuesday, and Dan Miller, Friday . . . Our street may be closed off for the next several days as UGI makes major repairs to the Green Street line. We will be open through the lunch hour until one or later. but if the street is shut by heavy equipment we might as well close early as there will be no place to park . . . I am at the age when newspapers can bring sad news all too often and today was another instance. Augusta Duffin has passed away. You may not know the name but she was executive secretary to the state librarian during most if not all my tenure there. What a wonderful classy lady, cheerful and efficient. Her obit states that she and her parents were the first black family to live in Hershey . . .

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