Sunday, April 22, 2012

We were extremely honored to join the Brown family this afternoon at son Jack's in Camp Hill to mark the 65th wedding anniversary of Wes and Yvonne Brown. The two met and were married in Antwerp, Belgium, and Lt. Brown brought his new wife to America and a one-room home in Ft. Knox. (Having served at the Fort, I am surprised that she didn't hop the next plane back home.) In the years that followed daughters Claire and Ann and sons Mark, Alan and Jack joined the clan. At one point Wes taught at West Point and can now claim the title of Colonel . . . Received an unusual wedding invitation of sorts today. The ceremony will be held later in the week in Ohio, but we old men don't have to travel that far. The rites will be streamed live on the Internet. The times they are a-changing . . .

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