Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The area around The Bare Wall was jolted by multiple gunshots about 2:42 this morning. I was in touch with four persons who heard them but there was no consensus as to the direction from whence the noise came. Some though north, others south or west and one admitted he had no real idea . . . The city has lost another dedicated public servant thanks to the mismanagement of the current mayor. Ernie Hoch has been escorted from his post as public workers director and has filed harassment charges against Ms T. She is so inept! Ernie is the tenth or eleventh of her administration to walk. But our neighborhood has to say goodbye with a thank you; Ernie got our street lights repaired before he left . . . Realizing that he was about to lose the voting in his own state, Rick Santorum effectively bowed out of the GOP presidential race today. That was one--and the best--way to save face . . .

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