Thursday, April 5, 2012

Finally caught up with local celeb Russ Harr who escorts and ushers the stars backstage at the Oscars. He brought us an official program for which we are most grateful. He had a fistful of photos of himself with celebs, but I am so out of touch with the entertainment world since we stopped renting video that I could not be as appreciative as I might have wanted to be. I stared at one photo for a bit and said that the fellow with Russ looked somewhat familiar. "That's Tom Cruise, you ninny," Russ said . . . Although surrounded by the elite of the motion picture business, Russ this year was most happy to spend some moments with the dog from The Artist (I forget his name, unfortunately). He had his own seat and wore a bow tie (the dog, that is). And he must have been bilingual. Russ pointed a finger at him and said he was about to shoot. Russ no sooner said "bang" than the pooch collapsed in a dead heap . . . While in Hollywood, Harr's partner in a local bar and neighboring Roxy's held an Oscar gala to benefit the Greater Harrisburg Arts Council. They raised $5000 . . . Had the dreaded CAT scan this morning having foregone food for several hours. As many of you know, you imbibe some juice every fifteen minutes for an hour plus and then it takes but moments for the actual scan to be completed. Well, when I entered the DOWN elevator I was confronted by three young women who had just been at the Seven Bridges Restaurant on the top floor and their arms were filled with dinners. The aroma was so wonderful and I was so hungry I almost passed out. They said the food was still as good as it had always been; Bob confirmed this since he had eaten there when I had my surgery . . .

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