Thursday, April 12, 2012

Long time friend Dennis Stefan who has been living in Ireland for the past several years announced today that his application for citizenship has at last been approved and that, come June 14, he will hold dual citizenship in Ireland and the U.S. We congratulate him. Hopefully our friend Mark Stevens, now touring Ireland, will get to meet Dennis in Dublin before his return here . . . A jaw-dropping announcement from our less than esteemed mayor today: she wants everyone to know that her administration at city hall is "a fun family" but that some people--the eleven or so competents that have left--just weren't with the program . . . Well, it appears that JJ has become a "teacher's aide" of sorts. Seems that when the teacher has her hands full with a couple of students she assigns JJ to another group of kids having computer problems and asks him to show them the ropes . . .

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