Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doctor Dowling had some good news for me today: my latest scan did not find any recurrence of cancer and I am good to go until my next appointment in October. However, he could not shed any light on the terrible headaches that have been plaguing me; just not his area of expertise but, he said, he has at least one other patient who is suffering similar problems and, apparently, her attacks are even worse than mine . . . I have one request of all doctors and nurses everywhere: if you cannot see me at the appointed hour, please let me mingle with others in the waiting room. Do not relegate me to a windowless cubicle where, as minute after minute elapses, I begin to wonder if I may have been forgotten altogether . . . I reported here a couple of months ago that the Pat-News was in search of a Pulitzer since the Penn State story was all that was being reported. Now that they have their prize perhaps they will share some of the money with we subscribers who were denied decent coverage of other happenings while they were revving up their prize portfolio. Only fair, I think . . . While she was ineffective and a disappointment on city council, Bob and I were entertaining thoughts of voting for Patty Kim to replace Buxton. Those thoughts all came to an end today when we received a mud-slinging mailer aimed at smearing Roy Christ. We just don't appreciate that kind of politics. Obviously there are two considerations here: one, Christ must be doing better in the polls than we thought and, two, there is obviously some big bucks buying Kim's way into the hearts of the voters. Who, do you think? And what do they want from her? Would be happy to hear from you political watchers out there . . . With spring cleaning underway people have been contributing unwanted books to our $2 sale table. Remember to take a look when you next visit . . .

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