Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sorry to report the passing of Jack Barnett at 10:10 p.m. last night. Our condolences to his partner, Dr. Bob Coldren . . . The mention of Market Square Radio last week brought Joe Loengard to mind. He was a member of one of Harrisburg's leading families of the time and lived in an apartment at North Second and Boas. I am told that one of his trademarks was two nested grand pianos in his living room where many festive parties occured . . . I knew him only in passing, but several days a month he would putt-putt past the store on his little moped with several LP albums lashed to the carrier; he was a guest programer at the station . . . There were a couple of Loengard stories worth repeating. One was that he was an "Angel" to Cole Porter's Kiss Me, Kate and every so often would receive a little check resulting from on-going royalties from performances and recordings . . . The other story might be a tale of "the one that got away" and Joe loved to tell it. He was sent a script to consider. Who would want to see a show about an old guy on a horse and his fat little servant from la Mancha? Joe asked. It was dreadful and didn't get a cent of my money . . . He loved to laugh at himself. I believe my friend John Goldsmith was related; will have to ask what he can contribute to the tale . . .

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