Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mike Billo reminds us that the building at Green and Forster was struck by a vehicle back in the days when sisters Ruth and Polly lived there. The vehicle did not break through the wall that time, however . . . Had a nice conversation with Lawrance Binda of TheBurg this afternoon. He is hopeful that the North Third Street corridor will one day become a collection of cute shops offering sophisticated merchandise. I told him I had serious doubts. Merchants who have come (and gone) there simply fail to maintain any kind of decorum. The gutters are littered, the sidewalks filthy and weeds are growing knee high, even at the Historic Harrisburg Association which should know better. I also doubt that this is the best area for the Susquehanna Art Museum. Drive past this area some day and see if it is a place you would like to browse and stroll at . . . However, if you are a merchant looking for an audience, you might look into TheBurg. The rates are reasonable and the coverage probably attracts your kind of customer . . .

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