Monday, June 11, 2012

Lee Spitalny back from a ten-day cruise to Bermuda with her daughter Jane and son Gary . . . Bob and I watched the entire Tony awards show despite thinking that it was one of the poorest in years . . . got some help with my sciatic pains from Mr. Jones at the Cummings Clinic. He said the condition strikes a lot of pregnant women but I assured him that was not my case. The large lump under my right arm pit which sprung up unnoticed until Sunday is a cyst that we can ignore unless it gets painful. Has nothing to do with the cancer, I was assured . . . June 23 will mark the third anniversary of this blog. Often wonder if I should continue . . . sent Lucille an order for more silk scarves; we are down to four, all purple/lavender. More colorful ones are on the way . . .

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