Friday, May 18, 2012

Our condolences to Bob Fellman on the passing of his mother . . . Summer is a-coming in and Harris Street Church is welcoming the neighbors on Third in the Burg nights for free soda, hamburgers and hot dogs. I am always one of the first in line . . . Our uptown community was amazed by today's lead story in the Patriot-News about a young man who has passed himself off as a marine. He befriended Bob and me last summer on various evenings when he took his kids to the corner store for a treat. He even shopped the Bare Wall a couple of times. He told us he was finishing up a tour of duty at Indiantown Gap and was to muster out in just a few weeks. Each time we asked him about his termination date he always said there had been a snafu and his final papers had not yet arrived. Curious . . .

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