Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bob and I slept through the BIG excitement in our uptown neighborhood last night. According to neighbors, the city police spotted and chased a stolen car up North Second Street about one a.m. At some point the chase moved to Green Street going uptown the wrong way. As the thief went through the Hamilton Street intersection he sideswiped another vehicle and then plowed into a SUV or some such vehicle. He jumped from the stolen car and the chase was on. At the height of the incident our block of Green reportedly was clogged with police cars, a fire truck and numerous dogs sniffing around. I assume the fellow wasn't caught but informants weren't sure . . . Hot day grew uncomfortable for a bit and I am told that ArtsFest was busy but not all that crowded . . . Some nice visitors to the store, several of them first-timers . . . My neighbor Matt Hall across the courtyard has a mourning dove who has set up shop on his window sill. We suspect mom has made it her nesting site for egg-laying . . .

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